About MMJ

YESHIVAT MIKDASH MELECH, a pioneer in the American Sephardic Torah

Renaissance since 1972, made history in 1989 by establishing Mikdash Melech

Jerusalem. The Yeshiva was created in response to the need for a post-high school

English-speaking yeshiva in Israel, where young menfrom Sephardic communities

in the Diaspora would feel comfortable with their traditions.

By combining a warm and enjoyable atmosphere with highly talented and

approachable Rebbeim, MMJ instills true love for Torah in the hearts of its

talmidim, giving them the confidence and direction they need for a lifetime of



The Yeshiva's trademark curriculum is designed to provide its students, regardless

of their level, with the skills necessary to master independent, in-depth study in all

areas of the Torah. This goal is reached through a dual track Talmud course of

study that encourages the successful completion of a Masechta (tractate) of

Talmud each year. Halacha, with emphasis on Sephardic traditions and customs,

Humash with in-depth commentaries and commanding lectures on Navi, Tehillim,

Mussar and Rambam round out the full gamut of our

curriculum. In addition, on-campus recreation

facilities make the MMJ learning experience enriching

to the students' bodies, minds as well as their souls.


The opportunity to spend some of their formative

yearsin the environment of Eretz Yisrael, provides the

students with an unparalleled experience. Personal

visits and interactions with Hachamim and Rabbanim

as well as exhilarating and educational tours of holy

sites and historic places, significantly enhance the

students' Torah growth and world outlook.


Upon their return to their respective communities

and after establishing families of their own, MMJ

Alumni are well prepared to take a leadership role in

strengthening Jewish education and communal life.

Whether in a Rabbinical or teaching capacity or as laymen committed to Torah values and ethical conduct, our graduates are playing a vital role in the renaissance of Torah and Jewish life in Sephardic communities around the globe.

MMJ First Year Staff



                                 Rabbi Haim Benoliel - Rosh Yeshiva

                                 With prescient foresight, the Rosh Yeshiva founded the yeshiva a quarter century ago, nurturing its fruit and                                  guiding it along. Whether from afar or during his regular stays at the yeshiva, his sagacity and loving                                                concern for the talmidim’s well-being is palpable within the Yeshiva’s walls at all times



Rabbi Yaakov Maimon -Menahel Ruchani

Always available with his ever present smile, the Menahel is a loving, caring father to all the students,

masterfully handling any difficulties that arise, whether in the day-to-day logistics of the Yeshiva’s operation,

or solving knotty questions in learning or hashkafa.



                              Rabbi Yeshaya Hobb

                              A close-to home role model of an exemplary Ben Torah, Rabbi Hobb has the unique ability to forge a                                               meaningful connection with the boys as he demonstrates the prominence of Halacha in the life of a Jew.





Rabbi Yoel Goodman

During their first yeat in Bet Modrash, Rabbi Goodman treats the bachurim to a taste of the breadth and

depth of Torah in a clear and understandable style. Amazingly, Rabbi Goodman allows each student to

grow at his own pace without being overwhelmed as he is trained in the classic Yeshiva methodology.




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